Ensure your legacy lives on and serves a purpose

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Flat $1500 Estate Settlement Service

(fees normally start at around $4,000)

No matter how big or complicated the trust is, you only pay a one time flat fee of $1,500 for WWWB to be the executor of it.

What the Trustee will do for you:

  • Work with attorneys
  • Ensure that necessary tax forms are prepared and filed properly
  • Work with CPAs
  • Work with the courts
  • Answer questions from beneficiaries and other interested parties
  • Ensure that assets that were directed to the trust are received and recorded
  • Distribute the funds
  • Allow all family members to grieve without having to deal with possibly divisive issues

As soon as 500 services are sold, the offer will end.

Still not sure? This service comes with a 12 month money back guarantee!

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Many people spend a lifetime caring for their family and accumulating wealth. Transferring these assets to their loved ones can be a wonderful blessing, if done properly.

Our team of local conservators, guardians, and trustees are trained professionals who understand how to make this difficult time more peaceful because they act as a neutral third party.

WWWB Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to maintain our client’s LEGACY, minimize family dysfunction, and to work to keep the family together. Being a fiduciary means we have a legal responsibility to act in our client’s best interest even after they have passed away.

It has been commonplace for a child to undertake the responsibility of settling an estate but rarely does this go well. The truth is that no matter how intelligent a person is, if they don’t have the training and the tools necessary to complete this complicated task, things can get very messy.

Designating a child as the executor of an estate is a risky move. Don’t set your family up to fight about money and possessions. Instead, let them mourn your passing and CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!

Hire a WWWB Trustee.




Our Trustee Services




Trusteeship/ Management

For smaller trusts which banks economically manage, or where individuals want a more personal kind of trust management.

Fee-based consultation regarding alternatives to guardianship or conservator.

Guardian ad Litem appointments outside Kent County.

Monthly check writing/ bill paying

Typically done for elderly or disabled individuals who simply need assistance managing their finances.


Consultation/ Investigation/ Testimony

In any of these related areas; for example, suspicion of fraud or undue influence.

Financial Consultation/ Assessment

Review of overall financial situation and recommendations for appropriate benefits and/or services.

Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is a concept that in its simplest terms, regards any activity which ultimately benefits a patient.


Elder Care Consultation

Elder care consultations designed to help you, or your elderly loved one connect with elder care services and support.

Client Portal

It wasn’t that long ago that managing your financial lives meant keeping track of dozens – if not hundreds – of documents like trusts, wills, powers of attorney, insurance policies, investments and more. They were squirreled away in drawers, boxes, grocery bags and who knows where else. But thankfully, Client Portal – your virtual safety deposit box – is an easier way to keep track of all those vital documents.

Client Portal never sleeps; it’s your 24-7-365 access to your accounts and important documents all in one place! Reach out to us today to discuss how Client Portal can help you organize and safeguard the most important documents in your life.

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